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26 May 2022

  • Joomla! is the Best Free CMS and Best Open Source CMS by 2021 CMS Critic Awards

    While Joomla has made it a habit to win one of the key CMS Critic awards in years gone by, this year, we’ve doubled up and won two awards!


  • Our thoughts and support to our community

    Joomla is a multilingual, multinational, Content Management System, made entirely by volunteers.


  • Expenses Determined To Be Outside OSM Financial Policy

    New York—In 2020, the Board of Directors (“Board”) of Open Source Matters, Inc. (“OSM”) became aware of certain irregularities regarding financial accounts, including those involving OSM’s past President, Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (“Rowan”).
    In the intervening time since then, the Board has conducted an exhaustive investigation and undertaken a thorough forensic review of its accounts. Ultimately the Board has determined that US $37,149 in expenses fall outside OSM’s written financial policy.
    Accordingly, this figure is being reported today on OSM’s 2019-2020 tax filings as a specific line item under “Other Expenses.”
    To prevent a recurrence of paying expenses deemed to fall outside OSM’s financial policy in future, the Board has taken action to modify its accounting practices and strengthen its internal control policies.


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